Notary Services

Notary Services

FEFPS notary services are authorized to administer oaths, affidavits, or affirmations, attest photocopies of your documents such as birth certificate medical documents and directives, verify VINs – Vehicle Identification Numbers, certify the contents of a safe-deposit box, take acknowledgments, and solemnize marriage, among all the remaining duties that come under the jurisdiction of a notary. Notary services in Florida are necessary when you are bound in an agreement with another party. Notaries make your signatures and the signatures of the witness official by accepting your identities.


Florida Notaries

When a notary is involved in agreement signing, he/she makes sure that signatures on the document from both the parties were freely done without threatening or pressurizing anyone. Even the identities of the signees are confirmed by a Notary by reviewing their individual Identification proofs, respectively. Notaries also ease out the legal paperwork you require when you sell a car, a house, or any matter that requires document submission in a court.

Why FEFPS Notary Services ?

We have a network of notaries that will help you in all your documentation work. Whether it is about selling a car or a home, a court document, healthcare documents, certificates, and affidavits attestation, our Notary services got you covered. Just remember not to sign the document before meeting the Notary. Both the signatories must sign the agreement document in front of the Notary.


Types of Notary Services

Traditional Notary Services

Book a physical appointment with the Notary to attest your documents. Both the signatories and the Notary will present during the document checking and signing.

eNotary Services

Book an online appointment. Show your documents to the Notary on Camera and sign in front of the Notary. Read more about it in the below section.

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Highlights of Our Services

Looking at the COVID pandemic situation, many people choose the eNotary solution, which is also available with FEFPS. In this case, you don’t have to schedule a physical appointment. Just have a good internet connection and webcam ready. Our Notaries will check the documents and your identification proofs through the camera. You also tell your willingness to sign the agreement document. Once every formality is done, our Notaries will notarize your documents.