FBI Apostille Service

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What Does Apostille Mean?

The process of legalizing or authenticating, or attesting a document that will be acceptable in the countries that belong to the Hague Apostille Convention is called Apostille. Hague Apostille Convention was created in 1961, and the United States became part of it in the year 1985. People working or studying in any of The Hague Apostille Convention member countries need to get their documents Apostilled in order to legalize or authenticate their documents and FBI criminal check reports.

What Does FBI Apostille Mean?

Employers and state governments run a background check on the applicants. This is done to ensure that the right people are hired for the job. The background screening check includes an FBI criminal history check also. The FBI criminal history report generated after the background check is complete must be apostilled or authenticated for it is to be legal.

As per Hague Conference on Private International Law, Hague Apostille Convention member countries can ask for FBI Apostille documents for employees’ or students’ verification. The member countries will recognize the Apostille condition.

The Apostille process offers an easy way for the applicants to legalize their documents. And, this helps the governments as well in verifying the people working or studying in their respective countries.

How Do I Get FBI Apostille for FBI Criminal History Summary?

Once your FBI background screening is done, submit the screening results to FEFPS as we are an agency that is FDLE approved. That puts your Apostille process in safe hands.

Individuals can perform the FBI Apostille themselves, but it will take a lot of time for individuals to understand every detail of the process and do it right the first time. People can mail the required documents, or they can personally visit the office; instead of both the options which can delay your process, allow our experts on your behalf to complete the FBI Apostille process.

To act on your behalf, download and fill the required form from our website. Our experts personally take each and every document to the US Department of State for its Apostille process.

Thousands of people have used our services to date. We are a family and operated business that gives top priority to its clients.

Why Is FBI Apostille Needed?

You can say that FBI Apostille is a kind of double verification of an individual’s documents who is working in any of Hague Apostille Convention member countries.

The Apostille is needed to legalize the FBI criminal history summary reports and other documents required by the state governments.

People at FEFPS have been doing FBI Apostille for many years. As we are connected to this service sector, we keep on checking new rules and updates set by the federal government on the subject matter. And, we guide our clients about the same.