Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services

Consumer - Directed Care Provider

What We Believe In

We believe in offering easy-to-use electronic fingerprinting services to the people of our community. We have helped people of all ages with our services.

Florida State Agencies

Various Florida Agencies are responsible for supervising certain sectors such as education, law, legal, finance, among others.

Multiple State Services

Service providers from other states can offer their services in Florida as well. Click the Know More button to see how we can help you.

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  • AHCA
  • DCF
  • FD-258 Hard Card

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  • VISA
  • FBI - Identity History Report
  • FD-258 Hard Card etc.

Welcome to People's Favorite Live Scan Provider

FEFP is a veteran-owned and operated live scan provider that is FDLE approved. While people of Florida and nearby areas love to interact with an FDLE approved provider, they love when a company shares the correct information with them and resolves their queries. Our staff patiently listens to people’s queries about the process and informs them about further interactions.

Hard card fingerprint form


  1. law enforcement agencies in fingerprinting applicants for law enforcement positions.
  2. officials of state and local governments for purposes of employment, licensing, and permits, as authorized by state statutes and approved by the attorney general of the united states. local and county ordinances, unless specifically based on applicable state statutes do not satisfy this requirement.
  3. u.s. government agencies and other entities required by federal law.
  4. officials of federally chartered or insured banking institutions to promote or maintain the security of those institutions.

Our Creed and Mission

Our mission to assist the people of Florida with their electronic fingerprinting needs for Level II background screening, FBI reporting, and other requirements.


Benefits of Our Services

You can trust an FDLE approved service provider any day. We follow all the rules and guidelines set by the department. So, when you visit us for services, be assured of the legitimacy of our services. Our knowledgeable staff understands the process' ins and outs, making the electronic fingerprinting procedure quick and easy for the applicants.

What People Are Saying

Read what people have to say about our services and conduct. We value every feedback we receive.

Shams W.Pawel

I am very pleased with FEFPS services. People at the center were quick and made things easy for me.

Shams W.Pawel

I went to FEFPS in the middle of the pandemic. I was happy to see that all COVID protocols were followed properly. Sanitizers were available, people were maintaining distance, and everybody wore their masks properly. I got my job done safe and secure.

Shams W.Pawel

Experts working at FEFPS are knowledgeable about electronic fingerprinting and the procedures to perform after that. I got all my queries resolved there.

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